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subliminalgames (1:25:18 PM): hey
Nemoismness (1:25:22 PM): hi
subliminalgames (1:25:35 PM): wats up ashybear?
Nemoismness (1:26:00 PM): not a lot. how about you?
subliminalgames (1:26:21 PM): kinda stressd out
Nemoismness (1:27:02 PM): why?
subliminalgames (1:28:08 PM): ur ignorin Aaliyah...i got people badgerin me like hell in school about all is DANDY
subliminalgames (1:29:46 PM): ashy?
Nemoismness (1:30:07 PM): i'm not ignoring Aaliyah
Nemoismness (1:30:16 PM): What are people in school buggin ya about?
subliminalgames (1:30:33 PM): you know that petition?
subliminalgames (1:32:40 PM): ...
subliminalgames (1:34:20 PM): ashy, i can explainb
subliminalgames (1:39:52 PM): ashy hear me out please
Nemoismness (1:41:15 PM): yes i know about the petition..
Nemoismness (1:41:17 PM): explain.
subliminalgames (1:43:56 PM): i felt like that we needed a stand on this subject...when you said "people r putting up signs for a protest or watever" my insides churned...for it was me that put them up. Remember when i was called down to the office? that was what is was for....i felt like "we need to stand against this subject"
Nemoismness (1:44:14 PM): Why?
subliminalgames (1:46:40 PM): i just dont agree wit a club like that in a public high school....after i got outta mr olivers office...i thought....PETITION....n this is where we r now
Nemoismness (1:47:10 PM): Well thats ridiculous.. It's not hurting anyone.. and no one had a problem with it until you started acting like that
Nemoismness (1:47:16 PM): Do you think i'm wrong for being gay?
subliminalgames (1:47:25 PM): no
Nemoismness (1:47:26 PM): If you can't agree with my way of life, then you can't agree with me.
subliminalgames (1:48:09 PM): listen to me ashy
subliminalgames (1:48:19 PM): i dont want this to afftect our friendship
Nemoismness (1:48:19 PM): I'm listening
Nemoismness (1:48:34 PM): Corey if you're against gays and I am gay don't you think that is going to affect things?
subliminalgames (1:49:18 PM): i am not a homophobe...i just dont like the idea of a club just based on that
subliminalgames (1:50:58 PM): i m not against gays...i am against a club based on sexual preferences in a school
Nemoismness (1:51:02 PM): It's a club for people to get away from the ridicule of people like you.. a lot of people make peopel feel like they won't be accepted and they don't come out because of it.. COrey that hurts.. people that protest things like this make people who are struggling with their sexuality fight an inner war.. wondering if it's right.. if it's okay.. if they'll get tortured for being gay
Nemoismness (1:51:13 PM): Corey, if you had no problem with gays you wouldn't have a  problem with the GSA.
subliminalgames (1:51:29 PM): why u lecturin me
Nemoismness (1:51:40 PM): I'm not lecturing you. I'm telling you how it is Corey.
subliminalgames (1:51:42 PM): i wanted to explain to u that i didnt mean to gurt u
subliminalgames (1:51:45 PM): hurt*
Nemoismness (1:51:54 PM): This IS going to affect our friendship. There is no doubt about that.
subliminalgames (1:52:09 PM): really? how? w 'im3F why?
subliminalgames (1:52:40 PM): ur makin me out to seem like i am a homophobic jackass
Nemoismness (1:52:53 PM): I refuse to associate with someone who is against something that makes me happy. I love the GSA. It's something that I love to do. I love to be apart of. I don't have to feel like an outcast because i'm gay. i even have to give up my church because i'm gay. this is one thing i can love to do and not be ridiculed for it... until you.
Nemoismness (1:53:07 PM): I'm not going to associate with someone who is going to try to take my happiness away
subliminalgames (1:53:41 PM): am i ridiculing u? no
subliminalgames (1:53:48 PM): im not
Nemoismness (1:54:20 PM): Corey that petition is a form of ridicule. You putting the signs over that advertisements for the club (THAT I HELPED MAKE) was a form of ridicule!
subliminalgames (1:54:42 PM): it was a form of freedom of speech
Nemoismness (1:55:17 PM): we have a freedom of speech too
Nemoismness (1:55:29 PM): if you make us lose this club i'll never forgive you Corey. Never.
subliminalgames (1:55:32 PM): so you people can put ur freakin signs up for that. SO what if i wanted to form a club for would never happen
Nemoismness (1:56:13 PM): Corey you're probably not even straight.. YOu're a fuckin' closet case or you wouldn't have such a problem with it!
subliminalgames (1:56:39 PM): AShley...i was told by soo many people that I am riskin every fuckin thing i have put into that high school..
subliminalgames (1:56:45 PM): im a fuckin closet case?
Nemoismness (1:57:23 PM): Corey I can't talk to you anymore. I've reached wits end with you. COnsider yourself knocked out, because thats what would happen if you were in front of me

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